Rumble 59 After Shave

Rumble 59 After Shave

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The after-shave is made in Germany. It's notably pleasant and caring due to the natural component of the witch hazel. After a shave it's gently on skin and leaves a masculine note. The smell is a mixture from refined-woody and tangy forest flavor, which invigorates the senses of every rockabilly. It's applicable as caring aftershave as well as refreshing cologne. Bottled in a nostalgic brown glas flask with vintage labels it looks absolutely great. Get back that feeling and smell of the 50s and care your skin with this masculine fragrance.

-How to use:

The After Shave 1959er could be used after dry as well as wet shaving. Just put some dashes on the palm of your hands and smooth gently over your freshly shaved skin. Even occasionally it refreshes and invigorates the senses - therefore it's also applicable as cologne.

-Scent:Refined-woody and tangy forest flavor


-Made in Germany